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Robberies Statistics in Union City

Crime rate is constantly on an increase in the Union City. Not only has the robbery rate increased but an increase has been seen in the burglary and motor vehicle theft rates as well, let alone the violent crimes like murder and assault. According to the data, the robbery rate in the city was 74 per 100000 in 2000 but the rate increased to 215 per 100000 in 2006. After 2006, strict measures were taken and the police was on high alert, the rate decreased to 115 in 2011 but it is still very high compared to the other cities of the same size and population. Same is the situation with burglaries: the rate was 383 in 2000 and now it has reached to 459 per 100000.

Auto Theft Numbers

Furthermore, the auto theft rate was 306 per 100000 in 2000, and it reached its peak value in 2005, 579 per 100000. However, the rate now is 258 per 100000. The high motor vehicle theft rate in the city is quite alarming. The vehicle theft rate in Union City is higher than the rates all over the California. If you live in Union City, the chances that you will lose your car are 1 in 258. Thus, driving at night is extremely dangerous in this city especially if you are alone. If you are traveling and your car has stopped working in the middle of the road, do not wait and call the Union City towing promptly, since it is very unsafe out there. These towing service and roadside assistance companies give your safety the top priority and they reach to you in the shortest possible time.
They can help you with the dead battery, flat tires, engine problems and they can also tow your car and drop you home. The charges of these companies are quite low but the services are speedy. So do not put yourself at risk and call Towing Panthers as soon as possible.