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Battery Jump Start By Towing Panthers

You never fully appreciate something until it’s taken from you. The same goes for car batteries. You take them for granted. You think they’ll always be there, just waiting for you. You convince yourself that you can make do just fine without them. Until one day you wake up in the morning, and find that your car battery had moved on to a better place. And then you realize you can’t start your car. And that you’re going to be late for work. And since it’s the 9th time this week, there’s a good chance you’re going to get canned. And then how will you be able to afford a new car battery?
Precisely at that moment, when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, Towing Panthers’s god sent technicians will appear as if defying the rules of modern Physics with their speedy arrival, and set your day straight.

Towing Panthers – restoring life to your car battery

As we’re available 24/7 to receive your call, no later than 30 minutes after you place it will one of our certified technicians be standing at your side. After confirming that the problem is indeed with your car battery he will then examine whether there’s any chance of jump starting it. If possible, he will get it done on the spot and in no time. However, car batteries sometimes get beyond saving. If that’s the case he’ll get your car on the tow truck towing you to the nearest mechanic.
One simple phone call that will always get picked up regardless of the time of day will have you enjoying a swift arrival, a professional and unrivaled service and the ability to swiftly get on with your day.
We go to this extent mainly because Towing Panthers sees itself as part of the community and holds it dear to give back to it.

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