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Towing Service Union City

Union City has a towing service that has blessed hundreds over the years. Towing Panthers is a well trained, certified towing service company with the determination only a 24 hour car towing service could have. Trained with a priority of getting drivers back on the road without tow truck service they work to get Union City drivers back on the road instead of complicate matters for them. This is a policy unique to Towing Panthers, because unlike their towing service counterparts the client’s needs are the most important.

Certified & Licensed Towing Company

Towing Panthers can provide for all the needs of a Union City driver or vehicle owner. If you need private property towed both local and long distance towing is provided by the towing service professionals at Towing Panthers, they provide flatbed towing to make sure that your show cars gain no wear and tear no matter how far they are meant to go. Flatbed towing and other car towing services originated back in Chattanooga TN, when in the early 1900s cars were newfangled prizes. In Union City towing service has become more varied and based upon more technologically based services. Tow truck service Union City is now supplemented by GPS’s which provide accurate locating so that they can know they have found you.

Commercial Towing

If you have commercial towing service needs, know that Towing Panthers has prepared themselves for flatbed towing and any needs a Union City driver has. Local and long distance towing can be handled by the flatbed towing experts at Towing Panthers. Towing service is more than a job at Towing Panthers, it’s a passion, it’s a work of something akin to love. Towing service is a necessary service that many people look upon with antagonism until they need towing service in Union City themselves. Let Towing Panthers help you and your family stay on the road, and care for your flat bed towing and car towing needs.

For towing service from Towing Panthers call (510) 373-0875.